Welcome To Buchanan Marine

Buchanan Marine, LP currently operates three tugs within the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Tri-State Area including New York Harbor, Long Island Sound, and the Hudson River. We have two active model bow boats and one river push boat. Our vessels range in power from 2200 BHP to 3000 BHP and measure between 81' and 89' in length. All have towing machinery and each of the model bows are well equipped for near coastal ocean work. We take pride in our safe, accurate and on time delivery of multi-barge tows.   MORE>>

Our Services

With a fleet of over 100 deck and hopper barges, Buchanan Marine is able to provide bulk delivery service of aggregate stone and other bulk products to customer docks throughout the New York metropolitan area, Hudson River, and Long Island Sound.

Our Locations

Buchanan Marine tugs and barges are strategically positioned throughout the
Tri-state area so as to optimize on time and accurate delivery to a myriad of customers.

Contact Us

To get more information about the availability of Buchanan Marine tugs and barges for your transportation needs feel free to contact Buchanan Marine Operations via Email or call (203) 466-0484.